The Grand Vestibule

Welcome to our homepage, dear reader! We see that you are a handsome/beautiful (wo)man with an exquisite taste in prose. Now that we have exploited your weakness for flattery and made you smile/smirk, please, come further in, don’t just stand there at the very portal like an unwanted guest.

Let us introduce ourselves – Gabriel Archer and Jack Cannan, your humble genius authors of:

You’re so lucky that you have this to look forward to…

(And here’s the e-book version.)

We are also your hosts while you visit this modest website.  Please get comfortable. Maybe even get naked while your browse… we are. There, much better. Feel free to explore.

Up the stairs is the Great Library, where we keep the collection of our masterpieces. Please walk around, browse and peruse. By the way, there is some excellent scotch whiskey in the crystal carafe on the side table there under the crossed rapiers.

That’s the one.

Try it, its a sixteen-year old single malt (by the way, sixteen is our favorite age for scotch and Bangkok  prostitutes).


Aged to perfection.

We recommend reading our works, under a full moon, while reclining in your favorite armchair by the fireplace with a glass of good Merlot and a great sense of humor, to the sound of the waves of the Mediterranean gently performing cunnalingus  on the soft sands of the beach. Otherwise, it’s a waste.

To your right is the Humble Arrogance Room where you will get to know us a bit more intimately and maybe fall in love a little. Nothing to be afraid of, happens to everyone.

In the basement, (ignore the moans coming from the dungeon – it’s all sensual if not exactly consensual) you will find our Wonders and Oddities. This is where we exhibit musings, writings, and other ridiculous items (ridicla, we call it) for our mutual sexy pleasure. Just sit back and LOL to your heart’s content. Please keep ROFL to a minimum though – the floor is covered by an authentic snow leopard skin taken by Gabriel during one of his Himalayan treks.

One of the wonders we offer you there is a short respite on Uncle Jack’s lap. That is where we dispense advice that you should absolutely never, ever follow. Honestly, we’re no better at this “life” thing than you and listening to us will be highly irresponsible. In fact, it will be irresponsible (and possibly criminal) for you to even get on Uncle Jack’s lap.

Finally, you can follow us on FaceBook here (or on foot, if you prefer). Please like us, we certainly like you… maybe even more than like. You feel it too, don’t you?

You can also do things to us on our GoodReads page here. We aren’t vengeful, but Jack is evil and has a very long memory for slights, so be nice.

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